Friday, September 30, 2011

Episode 20 - Everything But the Kitchen Sink

In honor of the podcast's first anniversary, we've sent our previous episode descriptions through the blender and come up with this:

Hello, there! Have we got an original for you! The perfect cure to your
sterotypical, connect-the-dots podcast!

This episode we turn to the always faithful supplier of conversation--Derailed Trains of Thought, which, coincidentally, is exactly the topic of this episode’s Story School.

Join us for a meaty discussion for the both creator and the audience that the San Francisco Herald-Tribune-Gazette calls, "Relentless. Ruthless. And all that brouhaha. Your intrepid and intriguing hosts, Timothy Deal and Nick Hayden, spawn their own subculture.”

Along the way, fanfiction writer Laura Fischer, resident YA book expert Natasha Hayden, Nathan Marchand, author of Pandora's Box, and Brian Scherschel jump in. Don't miss it!

We promised, we delivered this extra-long, wide-ranging episode of Derailed Trains of Thought!

It's not just a podcast, it's Podcast 20!


Show Notes

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  1. Tim and Nick,

    It's been awhile since I've left a comment, but don't take that as not listening or anything. Granted, I usually get to each episode about a month after it's posted, but I blame that on my portfolio right now. I feel like I've learned something from each episode.

    As Tim knows, I'm a scriptwriting student, but I really didn't start writing creatively until I went to Regent. However, after about a year of classes, my wife and I moved back to upper Illinois in order to save money. In the process, I lost what makes the film school experience so great. I have a few friends I can talk about film with, but they're an hour away at least. I lost the chance to talk philosophically about film and writing with others I can learn from. Honestly, online classes cannot fill the void that was once filled.

    For the past year, your podcast fills that void for me. With every episode, I feel like I learn something new about writing and thinking creatively. I'm in the process of world building, and your podcast always bring up something for me to pause and consider. I just re-listened to the Moral Universe episode, and it's made me step back and think about what drives my universe. You both answer the questions I didn't know I was asking.

    Anyhow, thanks for putting this podcast together. Congratulations on a year of podcasting, and here's looking to many more to come!


  2. Thanks Greg! Those words really mean a lot to Nick and me. We're always happy to hear when our podcasts inspire other storytellers. Thanks again for the encouragement!

  3. How have I neglected to comment on this epic episode? Especially since I was in it again! Unfortunately, it's been forever since I listened to it, so a real comment will have to wait.