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Friday, September 30, 2011

Episode 20 - Everything But the Kitchen Sink

In honor of the podcast's first anniversary, we've sent our previous episode descriptions through the blender and come up with this:

Hello, there! Have we got an original for you! The perfect cure to your
sterotypical, connect-the-dots podcast!

This episode we turn to the always faithful supplier of conversation--Derailed Trains of Thought, which, coincidentally, is exactly the topic of this episode’s Story School.

Join us for a meaty discussion for the both creator and the audience that the San Francisco Herald-Tribune-Gazette calls, "Relentless. Ruthless. And all that brouhaha. Your intrepid and intriguing hosts, Timothy Deal and Nick Hayden, spawn their own subculture.”

Along the way, fanfiction writer Laura Fischer, resident YA book expert Natasha Hayden, Nathan Marchand, author of Pandora's Box, and Brian Scherschel jump in. Don't miss it!

We promised, we delivered this extra-long, wide-ranging episode of Derailed Trains of Thought!

It's not just a podcast, it's Podcast 20!


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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Episode 19 - It's a Wocka, Wocka, Wocka World!

Everyone's a comedian...or are they? In the latest episode of Derailed Trains of Thought (your one and only (please?) storytelling podcast), Tim and Nick tackle the hard work of dissecting what makes the audience laugh. (It's a function of the lungs and/or stomach in 86.15% of cases.)

In the second half, we examine the science fiction German silent film "Metropolis" in Cinema Selections, proving that 80-year-old movies are still cool.

So take a listen and learn that the mediator between the head and the hands is the funny bone!*

*Obtuse joke to be found funny only after listening to the entire podcast. Maybe.


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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Episode 18 - Epic Fail Like the Greats!

Ever had one of those days? Your father's been murdered by your uncle and you just don't know what to do. Your best friend's fallen down the stairs, broken his leg, gotten bone marrow in his blood, and died. And your crazy neighbor's crazy girlfriend just plummeted to her death because she saw a nun. (That's right, a nun.) Life's a tragedy, isn't it?

Death, disasters, and hollow victories focus this episode's discussion of the art of the tragedy. What makes a good "bad ending"? Is it more literary to make the audience depressed? What's the meaning of it all? Listen as Tim and Nick wrangle with these intriguing questions, as well as review the summer blockbusters, in the latest episode of Derailed Trains of Thought.


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