Thursday, December 17, 2015

Episode 62 - 'Tis the Setting

It's that time of year, the time we've been waiting for for months. Yep, that's right, it's finally Christmas! (Also: Star Wars opening!)

As you settle down to watch your favorite Christmas movie (also: space opera), one thing you'll notice right away--the setting. You know, the lights and carols and snow and roast beast. (Also: the cool spaceships and laser-swords and aliens and mysterious masked villains.) This episode Tim and Nick examine the various ways setting affects story, both consciously and unconsciously.

They follow up with a lightning round review of recent movies and TV shows, and finally end with some observations on how a certain science-fiction pop culture touchstone has infected everything in the entire world. Except our podcast, obviously.

Merry Christmas! (Also: May the Force be with you!)


Show Notes

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  1. Still listening, but wanted to comment and say it's called Ice Climbers because you can play as both Popo and Nana at the same time when in 2 Player mode (second player becomes Nana).

  2. Then why does it say "Ice Climber," singular? So confusing....

  3. Because most people will play the game alone, because gamers are nerds and have no friends. Like me.

    Fun episode. Setting is hard for me to nail down. As per our conversations on Thyrion during CotW meetings, it's hard to nail down a setting without a map. I used a mixture of remembering places in Europe along with cities close to Chicago where I grew up as my background. This experience will definitely change how I write future novels in planning my cities in advance.

    As for end of the year stuff, loved The Flash and Arrow mid-season finales. I'm surprised Tim didn't mention the crossover for this year. It's amazing just how much the DC CWverse has expanded it's universe. In Arrow seasons 1 and 2, any little reference or cameo felt like a little surprise, but not really expanded upon. Now they're fully embracing these characters and aren't afraid of reaching for the more fantastical heroes. Can't wait to see what happens on Legends of Tomorrow.

    And as mentioned via messenger, nice discussion of Star Wars. Keep up the great work!

  4. Not mentioning that crossover was definitely an oversight on my part; it probably happened because I was focused on winter finales. But it was a great crossover, and I was glad they upped the stakes and included more characters than they did last year. And I'm also excited for Legends of Tomorrow! It's been fun to see them expanding their universe and everyone they've introduced for that show will be fun to see again in a new context. :-)

  5. You had a lot to fit in, so that's completely understandable. I was just interested in hearing your take on it. Vandal Savage looks like he'll be a fun antagonist for the team. And since you both didn't comment on it, while I don't watch it, Mona has been digging Supergirl. I think the more it goes it, I might like it, but I haven't been compelled to watch. It has a good budget behind it though, and I've liked the heroes they've added to it.