Saturday, March 3, 2012

Episode 28 - Of God and Supermen

Greetings, faithful listeners! This episode, Tim and Nick examine how belief interacts with fiction. How does God appear in stories? How do you tell the Truth when you're making things up? Also mentioned: aliens, superheroes, and, as always, the Doctor.

We follow up with Project Update (Taylor Trilogy!) and a Take on Tales featuring Alan Moore and girls who jump through time.

Join us for this episode of the ever-interesting, mostly coherent, exceptionally wonderful storytelling podcast, Derailed Trains of Thought!


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  1. You guys are lucky. I want to go to Narnia, though knowing my luck I'd end up in The Silver Chair book (a favorite, but man do they go through some tough moments). Actually, I'd love to spend a day hanging out with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, as they'd be good company in a strange new land.

    Putting God in fiction is a tough line to balance. As a Bible college graduate, theology is something that needs to be treated with the utmost of respect and care. I'd rather not put my words in God's mouth. I'm not ashamed about my faith God, but I don't want to go about it in a way that could misrepresent Him.

    Also, how DARE you question the genius of Alan Moore! Who else would dare to create such essential artistry with that wonderful little pirate story? Or how about those tender moments between The Comedian and either Silk Spectre? I had to hold back the tears during that special meeting between The Comedian and the first Silk Spectre after the holiday party in the 40's. And who could forget those great side characters in downtown New York? You grow to care deeply about them and can't wait to see where they'll go after the Pale Horse concert.

    All joking aside, I did think the extra info after every issue was a great touch. Frank Peretti did that with The Oath and I thought that was neat. I enjoy little stuff like that. Tim- I do want to check out the "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?" graphic novel. I've heard great things about the Black Mercy story and had no idea there were two other stories.