Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Episode 26 - Capers, Chaos, and Pythons...Oh My!

KA-POW! In this episode of Derailed Trains of Thought, Tim and Nick--BAM!--fight their way through the--BANG!--dangerous question of what--RAT-TAT-TAT!--makes action awesome. TICK. And what makes it--SNICK! ARGHHH!--just a mess of dead bodies. TICK.

Also,in the return of What If?--WHAM!--Tim and Nick examine the horrifying possibility--TICK, TICK--of Michael Bay directing The Wizard of Oz.

So, find your favorite bomb shelter--ZAP!--and listen to...wait, do you hear....TICK, TICK, TICK....



Show Notes

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  1. Hey guys, another great show! I hope the "What If" segment makes future appearances on the show. Michael Bay isn't afraid to destroy the childhood of those from the 80's generation, but I wonder if he'd pause before ruining a movie beloved by the Baby Boomers. We might not have much of a voice, but they do.

    While I haven't seen any of the Mission Impossible films, I agree whole heartedly about the problems with Sherlock Holmes. The movie wasn't interested in telling a mystery as much as it was showing an action film. They had the trappings of a mystery, such as Holmes' wall of clues in the beginning of the film. A good mystery should allow the possibility of audience members figuring out the solution, but making it difficult to obtain. This film made no attempts to do so, but was still an enjoyable thrill ride.

    The bullet time mode got excessive with the forest scene. I kept thinking "Yes, this is cool to watch, but enough already!" I could almost hear Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow humming "padding, padding, padding!" in the background. The bullet time for Holmes' deducing things is perfect, but not for the action scenes.

    Your discussion on the penultimate moment was thought provoking, as it IS a lost art. I'm filing the conversation away in my brain and saving it for when I write my third acts.

    Finally, I LOVED Nick's choice for soundtrack. I never expected a laid back rendition of a Contra song, but it's perfect. Tim, before I found podcasts at CBN, I obsessively listened to OC Remix songs. The PunchOut remix was a favorite, and still is.

  2. I think it's safe to say you'll continue to hear "What If" make recurring appearances. We have a lot of fun with it and it's regularly one of our wackiest segments. :-)

    Also, you know you've done a lot of podcasting when you start forgetting what you talked about in previous episodes. I had to go listen to part of this one to remember what we said about the penultimate moment. Good stuff, if I do say so myself.

    Actually, it just occurred to me that The Avengers did a great job in leading up to the movie's climax. There's lots of foreboding doom about the interstellar army and then that final face-off between Tony Stark and Loki just before the lengthy, crazy-awesome final battle. I know some people compared that fight to Transformers, but actually the set-up made it much more satisfying.