Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Episode 15 - Nothing New Beneath the Sun

Have we got an original for you! What do you get when you mix 20+ minutes of philosophical merry-go-round on the need for creativity; some regular dashes of Star Wars and Jim Henson; a healthy dose of dead French author, serial killer-obsessed writer, and caped crusader; a teaspoon of environmentally conscious alien; a drop of Heineken for flavor; and some guy named GorĊ? The perfect cure to your sterotypical, connect-the-dots podcast!

Or, at least, the 15th episode of Derailed Trains of Thought, your favorite podcast about storytelling. Have a listen!


Show Notes

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  1. Great podcast, guys. I've been thinking about originality a lot, lately, because I'm contemplating turning one of my Supernatural fanfictions into an original novel. This is called "filing off the serial numbers" and actually happens more often than you might think... But I've been thinking about how to do it so as to distance myself enough from the source--Supernatural, which has very involved (and evolved) mythology and in-depth storyline, plot, and character arcs--without losing what it is that makes me want to turn it into an original story in the first place. I let you know how that's going as it comes along.

    I remember The Squire! I read the first few chapters of that once upon a time. I'd love to see the finished work.

    I liked your comments on the blue alien movie, too. Ugh, Avatar. What a waste of pretty visuals.

  2. maychorian,

    That does sound like quite a conundrum. Good luck with the novel "adaptation" and let us know how it goes; I'll be curious what decisions you wind up making.

    You will love The Squire once you get to read it! The main character Obed is just as enigmatic as you may remember from those early chapters, but it becomes so much fun to see his interactions with the people he runs across, both zany and serious. Plus, watching him grow unexpectedly into a servant leader is a real treat. (Note to Nick: Get an agent already!)

  3. maychorian,

    I'm not surprised to hear that "filing off the serial numbers" happens regularly. Like Tim, I'd be interested to hear what choices you end up making.

    Tim, what's all this talk about agents? ;-)