Friday, October 8, 2010

Episode 2 - The Pen and the Pocketbook

What do Reese's Pieces, talking animals, and believing in yourself have in common? They mean you've sold your artistic vision to the corporate man. Or do they? We explore Commercial vs. Artistic Vision, plus much more in the second episode of Derailed Trains of Thought.

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Show Notes

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  1. I agree with you about the "believe in yourself" cliche. its used waaay to much in disney movies!lol but at least in their recent princess movie, the princess and the frog,they added working hard to get what you want. :) thanks to pixar lol

  2. Disney was in a rut for a long time. I don't mind if you have recurring ideas (aka Miyazaki), but it needs to be honest and not a crutch.

    Nick Hayden

  3. This is "art vs. commercialism" is something I've wrestled with myself. I like making a living, but I'm also an artist, so I don't want to violate my work's artistic integrity.

    In writing, I think editors can be much like Hollywood producers. They know how things work, what the parts are and how they work, but don't ask them to actually do anything with them. But writers may be clueless about how to sell their work. "Aye, there's the rub." It's an inevitable impasse.

    Personally, I think "artistic" people, especially in the film industry, have just as many problems as "commercial" people. I find that the former can be pretentious, so stuck-up about how things should be they can't see any other perspectives. They start thinking that only certain people will get them, so they intentionally start appealing to those people. In a way, they succumb to their own form of commercialism.

    I could say more, but I haven't the time.