Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Episode 73 - Not Another Political Post!

You may have noticed that political discussions are a thing on the Internet. This is not one of those.

However, politics show up in stories as well. Why? Do we really want to spend an hour watching people debate each other? Is this another tale of trade route taxation and blockades? Does walking through hallways while talking policy make everything more exciting? Tim and Nick look at what politics can add to a story that another round of fisticuffs can't.

Then in "What If?" we throw various fictional races into the same world and see how they manage to navigate their differences. So, whether you want to join the Wookie-Fraggle-Noldor Alliance or prefer the rule of the Nazi-Hutts, I'm sure you'll want to get off social media and enjoy the wit and wisdom that is Episode 73 of your premier podcast on storytelling, Derailed Trains of Thought.


Show Notes

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