Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Episode 59 - Creativity is Nine-Tenths of the Law

Once upon a time, a young man found a story in the woods. He fed it and raised it and, when it had grown, he let it out into the wild. Later, a band of merchants tamed the story and took it with them on their tour of the world. Boys and girls everywhere loved the story and dreamed of the story and began, in their own way, to look after the story, until it grew into a legend. Two intrepid podcasters then heard of the story and asked each other, "Okay, but who owns it?"

And that, dear listeners, is how Tim and Nick came upon this episode's Story School. Scout's honor.

Afterwards they tackle their annual "Take on Tales: Summer Movie Edition," so you can bathe in the last remembrances of summer days before fall. So whether your enjoying an early pumpkin spice latte or still desperately trying to sunbathe, this is our podcast, and you'd best listen to it.

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