Thursday, August 20, 2015

Episode 58 - The End of the World as You Know It

Everyone loves zombies. Why? Because they're the disgusting, shuffling, brain-eating, undying corpses of your friends and family.

Wait--what? Let's start again.

Everyone loves an apocalypse. Why? Because the foundations of society crumple and instead of working at a ho-hum but decent job and raising a nice, mostly put-together family, you're forced to survive hostile terrain, insane machines, cataclysmic weather, incurable diseases, and unfathomably repulsive aliens.

Wait--again? Seriously, guys. Zombies? Invasions? Disaster? Why do we enjoy this stuff?

Let Nick and Tim help answer your questions as they analyze the appeal of post-apocalyptic stories in this episode of Derailed Trains of Thought. Then, because the world can't get enough death and destruction, they decide to brainstorm a few of their own "end of the world" scenarios for your enjoyment.

But don't be afraid. As long as you can jury-rig a car battery to operate your iPod so you can listen to your favorite podcast on storytelling, who cares if the world burns. Am I right?


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