Friday, February 27, 2015

Episode 53 - You Gotta Kiss the Girl

It doesn't matter if you're all bloody. It doesn't matter if a mad scientist is about to complete his nefarious plot. It doesn't matter if you don't know if you really love her or if you love that girl back home instead. Tensions are high. Lives are at stake. You know what you have to do--you gotta kiss the girl!

Romance is a great spice to all sorts of stories, and in this episode your hosts Nick and Tim talk romantic subplots, action hero damsels in distress, love triangles, and all manner of relational drama.

Then, in the resurrection of Crackpot's Corner, Tim shares some plot ideas he received from dreams, including an intriguing political thriller filled with presidential doubles and, somehow, Neil Patrick Harris.

Join us for Episode 53! Come on. You know you love us.


Show Notes

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