Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Episode 47 - The SFW 'NSFW Episode'

You know what makes a story real? What makes it intelligent and high-minded? Sex. Also, unflinching violence. Then probably more sex. Or at least another pint of blood.

But is this true? At what point do these things become gratuitous? Or are they always unnecessary? When does showing depravity go too far? Where should we draw the line? Where!? WON'T ANYONE TELL US?

Fear not! Tim and Nick are here to tackle these questions with all the grit and stoic fortitude they can manage.

Then for a change of pace, they take a look back at summer movies, as well as at a few summer reads.

It may not have enough science teachers turned drug lords for your liking, but come in anyway and listen to the 47th episode of everyone's favorite storytelling podcast--Derailed Trains of Thought!


Show Notes

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