Saturday, May 31, 2014

Episode 44 - Whose Outline Is It Anyway?

Look--it's a fact. Not everyone can make diabolically elaborate plans go off without a hitch like the Joker or those guys from Ocean's Eleven. That's why some people use copious outlines while writing, and others...not so much. This episode, Nick and Tim explore the continuum between outliner and pantser, between those who plan everything and those who plan nothing, and what advantages each style holds.

In the second half, we enjoy a hearty Take on Tales that examines Brandon Sanderson, Jack Kirby, Person of Interest, and Captain America.

So, how about planning to listen in on the 44th episode of your favorite podcast about storytelling? Or would you prefer to spontaneously decide to listen? Either way works for us. Enjoy!


Show Notes

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