Saturday, February 1, 2014

Episode 41 - Can't See No Forest For All These Trees

We all have our little pet scenes and characters. You know, that one line you'll watch again and again or that minor villain you write long fan fictions about because he's just SO COOL. Then there's costumes design of the palace guards (which is just so tacky) and the euphoric emotionality of their sordid romance and that shadows--see, it really is a munchkin hanging himself! And wait, what? You mean Orlando Bloom isn't the star of The Hobbit?

Let's just say we sometimes get caught up in the spectacle, in the moment, in the inessential details and bunny trails, and miss what the story is really all about--and that's what this episode is all about.

Then in the second half, Nick and Tim perform a live dramatic reading of a section of The Unremarkable Squire, Nick's latest fantasy novel.

Serious discussion, obligatory LOST references, long analyses of Frozen, and ridiculous accents--that's what you can expect from Episode 41 of your premiere podcast about storytelling! Listen in!


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