Monday, October 31, 2016

Episode 70 - Invaders, Neighbors, and Gods

"You probably thought you saw something up in the sky other than Venus, but I assure you, it was Venus." -"Jose Chung's From Outer Space," The X-Files

Perhaps you aren't a true believer like Mulder, but even you must admit that aliens of all shapes and sizes have invaded our books, living rooms, and movie screens for decades. This episode, Tim and Nick examine how the idea of the alien works itself out in the stories around us.

Then, because it's EPISODE 70, and the SIXTH ANNIVERSARY of your premier podcast on storytelling, we have a special segment--Our Take on a Bit of Live Crackpot Pun Project Brainstorming from the Intrawebs If It Was Selected For Cinema! It's just as awesome as it sounds. And it involves werewolves.

So, seriously, it's Halloween, it's a new episode, we discuss aliens and werewolves...why haven't you listened yet?


Show Notes

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